2 weeks (2020)
Adobe Illustration, Photoshop, XD, Codepen
Our world is becoming increasingly digital providing us with more data and information than ever before. This mountain of data is not always presented in an accessible or engaging way for the viewer.
The challenge
In 2018 NASA launched the Mars Insight. A lander that has been tasked with gathering data on the interior structure of the Martian planet (Elysium Planitia), reporting images and daily weather updates. This amazing wealth of information is free and available online but is displayed as a monotonous scroll of text.
The solution
Far out™ is a Martian weather application with integrated resources to explore our solar system; one that allows the user to engage and visualise this data in an interactive way. The app gives daily weather updates from Mars. The Far out™ typeface is responsive and interactive changing based on the temperature, wind speed and atmospheric pressure, creating a new pattern daily.
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